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Founded in 1847 by Pietro Arbola upon license of Ferdinando di Borbonia, King of the Reign delle Due Sicilie, our firm has been selecting for over 150 years the best Italian jewelry and goldsmith manufacturers for our customers. Four generations of professionals always searching for the best has enriched our experience. Driven by our 'at your service' philosophy it has led us to offer you the most prestigious brands of jewelry, the most refined crystals and porcelains, the most wanted Swiss watches and simply the best gifts.


For a long time the jewelry Arbola has been careful to gather all the new technological opportunities to offer our customers very high quality products and first class services and support. Internet represents a formidable tool through which to renew, at the beginning of the third millennium, our ancient tradition of attention to the customers needs.

Our site is meant to be the web continuation of our sales counter where you will find our well known professionalism, courtesy and reliability and where to appreciate the refinement of our exclusive articles that you can buy on-line, comfortably in your home.